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Our dreams and needs: big and small

in the description, write for which dream exactly your donation is


Every fair is very difficult for us, because we carry all the stuff on our women's shoulders.

The bike doesn't have to be new, but with good volume to load all the posters, products, banners, etc., an electric one would be ideal. We can return the bike after the war, the only thing we would like to do is paint it yellow and blue.


Car for humanitarian aid

We are collecting aid for Ukraine, but the most difficult thing is always how to deliver it.

Ideally, a van in which our volunteers will be able to travel to Ukraine and bring humanitarian aid there, also with a van we will be able to take children and adults on excursions.

Ukrainian house

Our biggest dream to have real our Ukrainian house to run all our activities without asking and searching for place.

If 100,000 people gave us 10 euros each, we would have a Ukrainian House with an ideal location, which would always be open to Ukrainians and guests who love and are interested in Ukraine.

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