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A dress that gives wings!

Today is the Prinsjesdag - the day on which the King outline the government’s financial plan and budget for the coming year.

This year the member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands Songül Mutluer is going to appear before the King in the outfit inspired by the motives of traditional Ukrainian Vyshyvanka.

This beautiful handmade dress was crafted by more than 10 Ukrainian women - volunteers of the Oekraiense Club.The process included designing, tailoring and embroidery. The look is completed with a hat and handbag from Dutch designers.

Songül and all craftswomen agreed on selling the dress via auction and donate all proceedings to the Saturday school for the Ukrainian children recently opened in Zaandam.

A lot of Ukrainian children fled their home country with their mothers and found shelter in the Netherlands. The goal of the school is to preserve Ukrainian language and culture and help these children to keep the ties with their roots.

The goal of the Club is to help Ukrainians to assimilate in the Netherlands and spread the word about Ukraine, its people and its culture. Members of the Oekraiense Club are regularly sending aid to Ukraine, the funds for which are collected by selling handmade products.

If you want to support Ukrainian school or you just like the dress, consider making a bid in the auction.

There are also many ways to support the Club, from buying souvenirs to volunteering your time for conducting master classes, to making donations through different platforms (Oekraiense Club is the official Stichting with ANBI status).

Thank you for your support!

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