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Report "Help for Kherson"

As we wrote earlier, in total, we collected 4,657 euros to help overcome the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP.

We worked closely with the Zeilen van Vrijheid foundation here in the Netherlands and with volunteers in Ukraine. We considered all the needs of the most affected communities and chose two urgent ones that we could satisfy:

  • chemical protective suits for rescuers and services working to overcome the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP - 37 sets for 2,670 euros. Many thanks to Stolwijk Beschermd Werken for the support and the big discount. This gave us the opportunity to buy more suits.

  • 12 high-pressure devices from the Karcher company - 2030 euros. They are urgently needed now in all affected communities to combat dangerous fungi, mold and dirt;

  • we are also grateful to everyone who responded to the call and brought rubber boots to the club and to our volunteer Gerda, who bought water purification tablets and a flashlight.

We are grateful to Zeilen van Vrijheid for their work and cooperation.

We would like to thank everyone who made their donations: the smallest was 5 euros and the largest was 2100 euros. We received donations from companies, organizations and individuals.

Starting from June 5, our foundation has ANBI status, which means that each of you can deduct your donations from income tax or corporate tax.

We would like to thank the organization SVOЇ in Amsterdam, who donated 160 euros for Kherson.

We are extremely grateful and bow down to the newlyweds Jose and Hans, who are both 75 years old. Instead of wedding gifts, they asked all the guests to donate to help Ukraine. This couple donated all the collected funds to help Kherson - 2100 euros. We will definitely write a separate publication about them.

This publication came out a few weeks later, and everything that you and I bought has been helping the most affected communities in Kherson for a long time. For this, we thank the volunteers from the organization "Zgraya" in Ukraine.

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