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A Ukrainian library has opened in the Ukrainian Club!

Thanks to our volunteers, we have collected a small library for all age categories.

You can read these books in the club: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12:00 till 16:00. We have comfortable places where you can retire and enjoy a book. Please remember to put the book back.

You can also take the book with you for up to one month. For this, you need to make a deposit of 20 euros, which will be returned to you when you return the book.

If the book is not returned without any explanation, we will buy a new one for your deposit.

In order to take the book, please contact a volunteer in the club.

We will also be infinitely grateful for books in Ukrainian and English (we will exchange English books in Ukraine for Ukrainian ones ❤️)

Our goal: to fill the club with Ukrainian books so that everyone can find something interesting for themselves so that there are never empty shelves in our library. The more books there are, the smaller the deposit will be.

When you bring us books, please mark Ukrainian Club. Thank you 💙💛

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